About Tracee

Tracee has always loved fitness and health and to follow this passion she became a Zumba instructor in 2010. She’s completely dedicated to self love, self care, and personal growth and development for both herself while sharing it with others!

A divorced mother of two wonderful boys she is no stranger to what it means to just to stay afloat both mentally and physically. She understands that being a mother, having a full time job, and having a personal life is no easy task. However she has found a way to ensure that her self love and care remain at the top of her to do list.  Personal growth isn’t easy but feels it should be something we all strive to continue working on every single day.  Who you are outside of your work life, children and spouse isn’t something most of us can easily identify but this is the goal that Tracee continue’s to work towards for herself while inspiring others along the way.  She also doesn’t just view her self care from the external view of her body but she’s completely dedicated to self love, self care, and personal growth and development from the inside out. With her own personal testimony she does not mind being transparent in her journey in hopes it will inspire others to grow alongside her.

Tracee believes in the power of the mind as a our strongest vessel in the outcome of where we land within our lives and believes that we manifest what we desire through our thoughts. Realizing this thought process and practicing this can help us reach our full and true potential. Learning to have this level of self love challenges relationships and friendships and comes at no small price.

Married for 13 years, Tracee divorced in 2015 and that is where her journey in life began to reach it’s best potential as she began to strive at learning more about who she was. Having had a child at age 20 and married by the age of 23 she grew in life with a more complicated path. However she has fully embraced and loves each and every part of her journey.


The Fitness Boss Expo annual event got it’s wings in 2015 and came from Tracee’s love and dedication to helping others find their inspiration, after a brief hiatus the event is back and will continue annually by promoting the physical and mental wellness Tracee has dedicated her life too.

In her professional life, Tracee has been a project manager for over 8 years and it’s that project management experience that allows her to balance and manage multiple task.

Tracee’s next chapter “MOMBAE” started out as a joke but then she began to really think about it and she realized it was in fact a real thing. We are “Mom before anything else (BAE)” however Tracee also believes we can be sexy, healthy, love ourselves, have amazing lives all while being an amazing Mom. When we choose the journey to become a mother sometimes we lose sight of everything we are outside of this. The #mombae movement wants to remind us that we are beautiful, amazing, smart women outside of being someone’s mother.  We shouldn’t have to sacrifice who we were and lose sight of ourselves!!